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Blends of The Day

Black Lava Beach

Black Raspberry & Strawberry Banana

Hawaiian Breeze

Strawberry Banana & Mango Orange

Hawaiian Dreamsicle*

Mango Orange & Pina Colada

Sunny Paradise

Strawberry Banana & Kiwi Lemon-Lime

Ocean Sunrise

Mango Orange & Kiwi Lemon Lime


Rainforest Falls

Black Raspberry & Pina Colada

Wistful Waikiki

Strawberry Banana & Pina Colada

Surf's Up

Kiwi Lemon-Lime & Pina Colada

Kona Rain

Black Raspberry & Kiwi Lemon-Lime

All Natural Fruit Smoothies

Made with natural fruit, non-fat yogurt, and a banana. Mixed together for an endless tropical flavor with lots of Aloha!

(no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives)

Island Favorites

Black Raspberry                       Mango Orange

Pina Colada*                             Strawberry Banana

Kiwi Lemon Lime                     Lemon Wave



*Low fat. All other Fresh Fruit Smoothie flavors are fat-free

Capuccino Smoothies

Frozen Cappuccino

Frozen Espresso

Cappuccino Colada with Pina Colada

Cappuccino Honu with Caramel and Coconut

Cappuccino Makeima with Macadamia

Mocha Banana with Banana

Mocha Almond with chocolate and almond

Kona Chillin

Only 225 calories! Kona Blended Iced Coffees are naturally sweet, rich, smooth and wonderfully refreshing


Mocha Chill


Chai Chillin

Unlock the Herbal infusion with this exotic beverage blended with the spice of the islands.


Tahitian Vanilla Chai

Hawaiian Coffees


Light Roast Buttery Smooth, Medium Acidity     with Cherry Finish


Dark Roast Full Body, Rich Chocolaty flavor


Medium Roast Bright Citrus with Hints of Berry

100% Hawaiian

Dark Roast Full Bodied with hints of Coca

100% Kona

Medium-Dark Roast Clean and Smooth

Kona Decaf

Medium Roast Zesty, Full Bodies 100% Water Processed

Specialty Espresso

Enjoy Hot or Iced!


Caramel Mocha Delight

     Espresso, Chocolate, Caramel & Steamed Milk


Coco Loco Mocha

     Espresso, Chocolate, Coconut & Steamed Milk


Nutty Hawaiian

     Espresso, Almond, Hazelnut, Macadamia & Steamed Milk


Mocha Macadamia

     Espresso, Chocolate, Macadamis & Steamed Milk

Kona Blend Espresso

With one sip you're transported to Hawaii to indulge in the warm glow of the sun, and paddle through the dazzling turquoise surf.


Espresso                            Americano

Cappuccino                       Lattte



Gourmet Hot Koko

Indulge in the warmth of aloha dipped in rich Ghirardelli chocolate!


For a Cool Treat, try a Frozen Hot Koko


Frozen Hot Koko made with Ghirardelli chocolate

Hawaiian Shave Ice


Kiwi Strawberry                         Blue Raspberry


Pina Colada                                 Lemon-Lime

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